Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kani Worldwide...

Karl Kani has spread his vision internationally for the last 10 years. Karl Kani has built the brand name from Brooklyn, New York to become a household name in over 25 countries. From Brooklyn to Rome!
Karl Kani can be found in the following countries worldwide:The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. Belarus, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Rumania, Swedan, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Luxemburg and the United Kingdom.


Anonymous said...

Hey can u give me a call , I just need some direction, I look forward to hearing from u soon, I thought we were homies for life you, Im not asking for much just some direction and advice!
Michelle 480-212-2390
Remember when u were first starting who was there for u?

Idalia Sims said...

Hey Karl,

Talking about Kani (yes I can) you have defently proven with determination you can suceed you do not always have to be in Limelight for everyone to know good quality craftsmanship!!!!
I am truly proud of your sucess!! Keep up the good work!

Japan talking about taking it to another level, the store front looks excellent!!

Stay strong and never loose your creative spirit.

Idalia 'Dee' Sims