Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old school Jay Z wearing and rapping about Karl Kani

Jay Z representing in Karl Kani Jeans with Original Flavor! Check out 1:52 on the video!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kani Worldwide...

Karl Kani has spread his vision internationally for the last 10 years. Karl Kani has built the brand name from Brooklyn, New York to become a household name in over 25 countries. From Brooklyn to Rome!
Karl Kani can be found in the following countries worldwide:The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. Belarus, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Rumania, Swedan, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Luxemburg and the United Kingdom.

Japan's Rodeo Drive...

Kani just launched a store in Harajuku, Japan! Harajuku is known as the Rodeo Drive of Japan, so it only made sense for Kani to be right in the middle of it! This area is also home to Bathing Ape and other popular brands.

Visiting Japan anytime soon?

Kani also launched a store in Harajuku a district in Tokyo. If you're chillin' in Tokyo, stop by and check out the new designs.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kani in Harajuku, Japan...

From Brooklyn to Tokyo! Karl Kani's international success is continuing to expand reach people from around the world!

Kani History Video... Do you know your history?

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Kani Ladies Fashion Dinner in Spain during "Bread and Butter." The food was delicioso!!! KK

Shout out to the ARCO team in Barcelona!!!

Kani Life Denim & Linen !!!

Hey Y'all, here's a lil flava' from Kani Life!  We're coming to America in 2010! Get updates on the historic launch... email us at getkani@kanilife.com

Que Pasa Barcelona!!!

Hard at work...

Sales management hard at work in Spain... anybody got a pink slip?!!  Shout out to Ewout and Marco!

Brooklyn Style!!!

Toast to Big Frank and Harry O for holding me down when I'm overseas, Brooklyn style!!!

Kani Luv!

Much Luv to the International Karl Kani Team!!!

Heineken in Holland!!!

I don't drink beer, but they say Heineken tastes way better over in Holland!

Karl Kani on the "Notorious" movie set...

Fox Searchlight is bringing the late rap icon, the Notorious B.I.G., to the big screen! Biggie rocked Kani gear and put him in his lyrics, so it only made sense for Biggie to wear some Kani clothing in the movie!
Mr. Kani happened to be in New York while they were filming so he stopped by to check it out. On the set Karl hung out with Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, who's efforts made the film possible.

Jamal Woolard, a Brooklyn-based rapper, will play Biggie (seen with Karl Kani below).

The Come Back CUBS featuring Karl Kani Jr.!!!!

Congratulations to The Comeback CUBS... came last seed in the playoffs and defeated every top team in the division BACK TO BACK in a one week time span in the playoffs! Now that's a comeback!!! Definitely a life lesson... Never give up!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Three 6 Mafia - Karl Kani European tour

This May, Three 6 Mafia will start their first European Tour that will hit cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Himmelkorn and Darmstadt. This tour will be powered by Karl Kani.

The Originator...

Straight outta Brooklyn, New York... The Originator of Urban Fashion. Karl Kani

Karl Kani- La Fashion Week 2008

Karl Kani's fashion show, "Kani Kouture" took over Hollywood on March 11th during LA Fashion Week. The show unvailed Kani's new line, which combines contemporary fashion and streetwear!


Wearing royal jewelry and clutching his weapon, this angel is a symbol of the triumphant warrior. In the Roman empire, after defeating a foreign enemy, soilders could expect to be rewarded with medals and gifts. 

This artwork is featured on the new Kani Life t-shirts, available in a limited editon! (Limited edition of 1000 pieces worldwide. Only 500 available in the US.)

God's tee...

This shirt has copper artwork of angels fighting demons on the back and demons flying away on the front! Who's side are you on?

Currently available at www.drjays.com

Karl Kani on Good Day LA!!!

Take a look as Karl Kani explains the latest additions to his line!

Armour and the Men

Inspired by Roman armour from the 15th century BC, this Kani Life artwork is an illustration of royal armour. This design would have been made for wealthier legionaries of the empire. Only true warriors fight and conquer with style! 

This artwork is featured on the new Kani Life t-shirts, available in a limited editon! (Limited edition of 1000 pieces worldwide. Only 500 available in the US.)

Kani Boots for Ladies!

Dr.Jays.com in da house!!!

Big up to DrJays.com for coming through and showing Kani luv!

Anybody need a ride!?!